When you hear this phrase what do you hear?  I hear that there a person who can do just about but is not a master at it.  But I don’t see this phrase really being true because of the word ‘none’ since that is a negative or empty word it makes the phrase almost sound insulting.  I say this all the time to people  I say that about myself but now that I actually really understand that there no way that you can do many things and not master them. And who is to say whether you mastered something?

This phrase also changes how a person can view their abilities. God has given us more than one gift and if he has anything to do with it, you will become an expert at that trade.  I hope I am not getting too religious with you but I think that needs to be said.

Words and their meanings can really change how your brain compute them and how you emotionally and mentally  use them.

So the next time you hear this phrase let someone know its not a true statement and if you say this, maybe it time to change the viewpoint. You master many things whether you know it or not. You master how you communicate with others if  you weren’t  a master, people wouldn’t talk to you. You master being a mother, sister, brother, auntie etc.  You master and multitask at home and at work.  Just remember You are a ‘MASTER AT LIFE ITSELF.’

Leelee16.sbcpowerline.com  please watch the video.




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