Writer’s Block I need a cure


Okay I am suffering for almost a 2 year writers block, yes I said a 2 year unmotivated, blank, nowhere to go, don’t know how to get back to, writer’s block. I have made everything in my life more important than finishing my books.. I read some my authors books and I get a little excited and feel the need to pull out the laptop. When it hits me that I really don’t want to use my brain for that. I even have great story lines and it that doesn’t arouse to want to write. I am a pretty good writer not an excellent, best seller writing but I will say I do alright.
I started my writing with wanting to make sure I was always uplifting and motivating others.
My first book was called ‘How does your garden grows?’ which I then created a journal and a yearly planner all part of my HANDLIN YOUR BIZNESS series.
I later on started writing about fiction my first fiction was Secret Journal,then there was White Dove, Mytee Men of the Ministries Part I stopped on Part 2, then there was Redpoyzin, and the last is I’m the Captain’s Boy. 

I found this blog from  smartblogger.com explaining and giving  some ideas on how to overcome them https://smartblogger.com/writers-block/ great article thank you for this. I think I can renew myself. I will take my time and use some of  these ideas to get my juices flowing again..

Celeta B. McCall



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